RCI – Crypto Token Launch Services.
Providing Blockchain Education, Research and Consultancy.

RCI is a community token based on TRC20, that accelerating Blockchain literacy, inclusion and adoption towards real life use cases and application.

(Listing on Bololex and Polonidex Exchanges Soon🌖)


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We are all family, even though the holders come from various countries in the world


With good hopes, we will continue to strive to reproduce goodness information to all people in the world


Nothing is perfect, we are constantly working to update and improve our skills & performance

Roadmap $RCI

Desember 2020
January 2021
March 2021
June 2021
September 2021
December 2021
March 2022
June 2022
January 2023

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✅ Buy now, while 1 RCI price = 34TRX (less than $2)🌳
The total number of coins is fixed at only 5000 $RCI. Therefore, by purchasing at least one coin
at the current price, you will make the right investment for little money.

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Smart Contract Address (Tron TRC-20) :

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